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Updated on 13 June 2021

An explanation of how the current (and previous) assessment scales work at Dundee.

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Scale used from academic year 2015-2016 onwards

Reporting scale Descriptor Honours class (where appropriate) Associated aggregation scale
A1 Excellent 1st 23
A2 22
A3 21
A4 20
A5 19
B1 Very good 2(i) 18
B2 17
B3 16
C1 Good 2(ii) 15
C2 14
C3 13
D1 Satisfactory 3 12
D2 11
D3 10
M1 Marginal fail   9
M2 8
M3 7
CF Clear fail   5
BF Bad fail   2
QF Qualified fail   -

Qualifying codes

In any assessment scale, a grade or percentage mark may be followed by a qualifying code.

Reporting Scale Descriptor






Reporting Scale Descriptor


Unauthorised Absence/No Attempt


Certified Absence for other than medical reason(s)


Module to be discounted


Distinction Pass awarded for specific module


Absence with a Medical Certificate


Merit Pass awarded for specific module


No Mark Awarded


Required conditions not met to have obtained an overall pass


Refused admission to examination, no class certificate or for disciplinary reasons


Withdrawn from module

* indicates credits awarded under the University's Compensation/Condonement Scheme

Marking in percentages

In some instances individual pieces of work are marked in percentages. Where this is the case the final calculation of the module grades will be based on the aggregation of alpha numeric grades derived from the percentages. This will be the grade which is published and made available to you on eVision. An example of this might be:

  • Module A has two items of assessment:
    • Project worth 40% of the overall grade
    • Degree Examination worth 60% of the overall grade

A student receives an ‘A1’ for the Project (which is 23 on the aggregation scale) and ‘B3’ for the Degree Exam (which is 16 on the aggregation scale), this overall grade is calculated as below:

Project: 23 x 40% = 9.2
Degree Exam: 16 x 60% = 9.6
Total = 18.8 which is rounded up to 19 (which is an A5 on the alpha numerical scale)

The overall grade for the Module A is ‘A5’

Older assessment scale

SCQF - Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework

The table below indicates the correlation between University of Dundee levels and Scottish Credit Qualifications Framework.

UoD Level SCQF Level
0 6
1 7
2 8
3 9
4 10
5 11
6 12

The Framework for Qualifications of Higher Education Institutions in Scotland requires that our honours programmes comprise 480 credits, with a minimum of 90 credits at SCQF level 9 and a minimum of 90 credits at SCQF level 10.

We consider that English A-levels are at an equivalent level of study to the Scottish University first year (normally SCQF level 7) and it is common practice for us to offer advanced entry into second year for students with appropriate A-levels. This is noted on the transcript as prior learning.

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