Focus on Transboundary Aquifers


The Scientific Basis of the UN ILC Draft Articles on Transboundary Aquifers A CWLPS/CECHR seminar given by Shammy Puri (Secretary General, International Association of Hydrogeologists) on Tuesday 16th February, from 12-1pm in the Carnegie Lecture Theatre As a member of the advisory team to the UN ILC Special Rapporteur drafting the Articles on the use of transboundary aquifers, Shammy Puri was deeply involved in providing the ...

Working with Farmers on Natural Flood Management


Dundee's Prof Chris J Spray will be speaking on Working with Farmers on Natural Flood Management at the UK Water Partnership's upcoming Sustainable Food, Farming and Water Workshop, March 10 in Reading. Global challenges in providing sustainable food and water, in the context of a growing population and environmental change, are ever increasing and intensifying. The Farming and Water Action Group ...