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Welcome to the Chaplaincy

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Greetings from the Chaplaincy!

We welcome you all to this academic year.  On this website you will find information about the Chaplaincy and its staff, and the various faith groups within the University.   The Chaplaincy is a relaxing and friendly place and hosts many social activities during term time.  We also have a Coffee Bar where you can relax and have lunch during  term time.

We provide a multi-cultural and supportive environment, so whoever you are and wherever you come from, you will always be welcome.

The services and resources of the Chaplaincy are available to all students and staff.

We welcome enquiries and participation from all faiths and none. 


Easter Services 2016


Monday 21 March:            The Meal at Bethane—Agape Meal (Eucharist in the context of a meal)St Paul’s Cathedral, led by Very Rev

                                        Jeremy Auld, Honorary Chaplain at 7.30pm


Tuesday 22 March:           Midday Prayer & Eucharist, St Paul’s Cathedral, 1.10pm 

                                        The Anointing—reflection, prayer, song, St Paul’s Cathedral, 7.30pm


Wednesday 23 March:       Non-denominational Communion, Quiet Room, Chaplaincy Centre, 1.10 – 1.30 pm

                                         Talk: Resurrection: Proof and Pudding, by Rev David Robertson, Honorary Chaplain, Floor five in the Union,                                                come at 7:30 pm for buns/snacks and mingling, talk starts at 8 pm


Thursday 24 March:          Maundy Thursday Meditation, Common Room, Chaplaincy Centre at 12.50 – 1.20 pm


Friday 25 March:               Good Friday Meditation, Quiet Room, Chaplaincy Centre, 12.30 - 12.50 pm


Saturday 26 March:           Orthodox Service, Chapel, Chaplaincy Centre, 10 am – 12 pm

For local services on Easter Day and throughout Holy Week – please click Holy Week in Dundee 2016

Dundee Foodbank - the Chaplaincy is now a collection point for the Dundee Foodbank.  The collection point is through the second set of double doors (under the stairs). We are very grateful for any donations received - thank you!


Kirkcaldy Campus

Rev Michael Allardice, Honorary Chaplain will be available in the Kirkcaldy Campus Coffee Area between 4 pm and 5 pm on the following dates:

29th March 2016

26th April 2016

31st May 2016

28th June 2016

30th August 2016

27th September 2016

25th October 2016

29th November 2016

If you would like to speak to Michael informally please feel free to drop by.

Alternatively if you would like a personal meeting please email Michael at to arrange a suitable venue.


Services of Worship

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Mon - Fri 9.30 - 10 Chapel available for quiet time
Wed 7 - 10 Zen Buddhists - Wk 1-3
1st & 4th Sat 10 - 12 Orthodox Service

Join our Events (term time)

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  • Chamber Choir
    Mondays 7 - 10pm in the Chapel/Common Room
  • Bible Study
    Tuesdays at 12.20 - 1 pm in the Glass House
  • Christian Union
    Tuesdays 8 - 10pm in the Chaplaincy Centre
  • Overseas Families
    Wednesdays 10am - 12 noon in the Common Room
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