• For Entry: January | September
  • Duration: 12 months
  • School: Social Sciences
  • Study Mode: Full Time

For motivated students who wish to pursue a successful and rewarding career in International Business.

The MSc International Business programme will provide motivated students with the tools and skills necessary to pursue a successful and rewarding career in International Business, Governance, Finance, Banking, Accountancy, Marketing and Human Resource Management. The degrees cover many different subjects and develop a wide range of transferable skills and provide entry to a range of rewarding careers.

International Business

Choose from our wide variety of pathways including our new Banking and Banking & Finance options

Internships in China

Enhance your employability with graduate internship opportunities.

Contact the programme director

Want to discuss the programme, application process or life in Dundee? You can email Dr Bill Russell or  Skype Bill on uodschoolofbusiness If he's online just call, otherwise send him a message indicating when you would like to chat.

We live in a world where economic activity is global in scale. National boundaries now matter very little to decisions about where goods are made and services provided: your PC might be made in Taiwan; when you contact a call centre the person answering your call might be living in India; and when you come to the University of Dundee you will meet staff and students from all over the world.

By studying MSc International Business you will understand how this has come about, and what it means for today's business world. You will be fully equipped to develop your own career in this new and challenging work environment.

Off-Campus Learning Events

The MSc International Business programme includes off campus learning events embedded in the modules of some of the pathways.  These events aim to extend your leaning skills in ways that are directly relevant to the pathway and your personal development.  These off campus events are one or two days in length and the cost of the transport, event and any necessary accommodation is covered by the MSc programme.  At present there are off campus events embedded in the marketing pathway and the finance and banking pathways.  More off campus events are being arranged and further events are being developed to begin this year.

Urban Experience Event

The MSc programme places considerable importance on ‘team building’ and understanding the role that international and domestic cultural variation plays in the workings of firms, and product and employment markets.  These issues are addressed through a unique ‘Urban Experience’ event that helps team building and the development of learning skills.  Business themes are also explored in the event.

We provide a fresh introduction to International Business which is suitable both for those that have studied economics, business management or accountancy before and for those that are new to the subject.

Dundee offers a flexible master's programme in international business enabling you to choose a combination of subjects that best suits your aptitudes and aspirations. You can choose to take a number of different pathways which are listed below.

A feature of the programme is the Distinguished Visitor and Enterprise Gym Lecture Series. Distinguished practitioners in the field are invited to the University to hold seminars highlighting critical aspects of of Business, Finance, Banking, Management, Marketing and Human Resource Management. It offers students a unique opportunity to meet with business leaders.

This course is developed for students that have completed their undergraduate who are now looking to further develop their business acumen in one of the many areas of business such as marketing, finance, and/or human resource management.