2015 Newsletter - What's happening at our Unique Law School

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The European Union and the Arctic (2015 EU-Arctic Conference)

This conference will bring together academics and practitioners from relevant disciplines such as international law, international relations, political science and marine biology, NGOs, representatives from EU institutions and international organisations to discuss the EU's potential contribution to enhance Arctic governance. A roadmap for increasing the effectiveness of the EU’s action in the Arctic will be drawn at the end of the conference.​

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Human Rights in the 2015 Climate Agreement

Staff Photo Nov. 2013

The Legal Response Initiative (LRI), an NGO providing support to delegates from developing countries and civil society observer organisations in international climate negotiations, has just published a briefing paper written by Annalisa Savaresi, Edinburgh Law School, and Jacques Hartmann, Dundee Law School. The paper illustrates approaches and techniques for including human rights considerations in the climate ...

Prof Andrea Ross attends conference about Culture in Sustainable Futures in Helsinki, FInland

Andrea Ross

From May 6-8 2015, Professor Andrea Ross attended a conference on Culture(s) in Sustainable Futures: theories, policies, practices in Helsinki, Finland jointly hosted by  European Co-operation in Science and Technology (COST) and the University of Jyvaskyla where she presented a paper entitled 'Nationalist and sustainability discourses – a case study of the Scottish Referendum on Independence’. Her ...