2015 Newsletter - What's happening at our Unique Law School

With qualifying degrees in both Scots and English law, Dundee Law School offers a modern, forward looking approach to learning and a rigorous preparation for the professional world, whether in the legal sphere or elsewhere.


Prof. Reid at Open Space Workshop

Colin Reid

At the beginning of July, Prof Colin Reid participated in an expert workshop to consider the provision of open space in England.  A project based at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne is exploring whether the legal structures that support common land in England could be adapted to create new areas of common which would provide public access and give local residents a stake in the management of the land concerned. As we...

Double Award Success for Law Staff

The Law School scored a double success in this year’s student teaching awards. Vikki Watson won the inaugural award for non-teaching staff. This recognised Vikki’s outstanding commitment to students and her enormous success in organising the law School’s ‘Red Nose’ day charity events. This year’s event raised over £1000 for Children in Need. Stuart Cross wont the Best Tutor award, havi...