2015 Newsletter - What's happening at our Unique Law School

With qualifying degrees in both Scots and English law, Dundee Law School offers a modern, forward looking approach to learning and a rigorous preparation for the professional world, whether in the legal sphere or elsewhere.


The European Union and the Arctic (2015 EU-Arctic Conference)

This conference will bring together academics and practitioners from relevant disciplines such as international law, international relations, political science and marine biology, NGOs, representatives from EU institutions and international organisations to discuss the EU's potential contribution to enhance Arctic governance. A roadmap for increasing the effectiveness of the EU’s action in the Arctic will be drawn at the end of the conference.​

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Success for Law at College Awards

The annual Teaching Awards for the College of Arts and Social Sciences brought success for two staff in the School of Law.  The award for Creative Teaching: Recognising Innovative Practice was won by Sarah King for her work in developing (with colleagues) the new module on Law in Practice, which helps students to develop the communication and working skills required for success in legal practice. In the category for Early...

Liz Comerford speaks at CPD North Property Conference

Liz Comerford

Liz Comerford, Director of the Diploma in Professional legal Practice at the Law School, delivered an hour long talk at the CPD North Property Conference held in Aberdeen on Wednesday 11th March. Her presentation to an audience of property practitioners covered developments within property law area over the last year including an overview of the operation of the High Hedges (Scotland) Act 2013, Land and Buildings Transaction t...