States’ right to regulate in international investment law: New development

The Dundee International Law Society has organised a lecture with Dr Ana María Daza-Clark, University of Edinburgh Law School. In her lecture, Dr Daza-Clark will address new developments in the negotiation of international investment agreements such as CETA and TTIP, in relation to host States’ regulatory freedom. The lecture will focus on new and amended investment provisions, restricting the expansive protection of investors and investments.

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Law plays its part in multi-disciplinary research award of more than 1 million Euros

Dundee University has been awarded funds to lead a 1 million EUR international consortium investigating the development and implementation of cyber-security legislation in the UK, Finland and Norway. The project is entitled “Taking surveillance apart?: Accountability and Legitimacy of Internet Surveillance an Expanded Investigatory Powers” and is funded by Nordforsk, an organisation funding Nordic research cooperat...

Dundee Mooting Society Participates in event at Napier University

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On Thursday, 20 October, four members of the University of Dundee Mooting Society and Senior Lecturer Jacques Hartmann will take part in a debate on human rights at Edinburgh Napier University. The debate is part of Napier University's Inclusivity Week, and will focus on whether the UK should have the right to deport all non-nationals convicted of a crime. The debate will follow a talk by Alan Masson, HR and Employment Law Spe...