Mary Shelley's Dundee celebrated for the Being Human Festival 2015

Being Human Festival 2015

Through a series of weird and wonderful events the life of Mary Shelley and her most famous work 'Frankenstein' were brought to life in Dundee as part of the Being Human Festival of the Humanities recently. As a teenager Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin (later Shelley) lived with the Baxter family on South Baffin Street on the outskirts of industrial Dundee, a little while before penning one of the world’s most enduring w...

Business brunch for young Scots aiming to enforce the value of language skills

Business brunches: Inspiring Scotland's future global workforce Young people from across Scotland had the opportunity to engage with local businesses and hear about the value of language skills in the world of work at an event held at the University of Dundee on 20 January 2016. The Business Brunch event demonstrated the relevance of language skills in a work context and aimed to encourage pupils to continue with their languag...

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