Training for the Natural Resource and Energy Sectors

CEPMLP offers a programme of seminars, conferences and professional development courses that are attended by delegates from government, ministries, academia and industry, providing those attending with a global forum for theoretical and practical interaction.

These courses, for the natural resource and energy sectors, include negotiation skills, petroleum regulation and licensing, managing contracts and agreements, arbitration and dispute management skills along with many more.


Working Group on Transparency in the Extractives in Argentina

Flag of Argentina

A seminar on Transparency in the Extractive Industries took place in Buenos Aires on 14 April, organised by Universidad de San Martin and Dialogue Platform on Extractives, Development and Democracy. The seminar was supported by the British, Australian and Canadian Embassies and brought together international experts and members of the EITI working group in the UK, and local MPs, and the University of Bradford. The seminar inte...

Participation in CONNEX Meeting in Berlin

Elizabeth Bastida

On 9 and 10 March, Elizabeth Bastida, Lecturer in Mining Law, participated in the G7 CONNEX Consultative Conference organised by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in Berlin.   The G7 CONNEX Initiative was launched in June 2014 by the G7 to provide developing country partners with extended and concrete expertise for negotiating complex commercial contracts. The aim of this...