Delegation from Gabon welcomed to Dundee

CEPMLP were delighted to welcome a delegation from Gabon to the Centre today.  The delegation was headed up by Mr Camille Ambassa, Advisor to the Minister of Oil and Hydrocarbons in charge of training; Mr Eustache Mandjouhou Yolla, Advisor to the Minister in charge of hydrocarbons and Mr Ruffin Moussavou, Deputy General Manager of Hydrocarbons.  The group are pictured with senior management from the University of Dun...

Professor Bekker Quoted in The Economist

Professor Pieter Bekker

Professor Pieter Bekker, CEPMLP Chair in International Law, was quoted in the 12th-18th July 2014 issue of The Economist under an item entitled “If Scotland votes ‘yes’,” referring to the upcoming referendum on an independent Scotland.   The item, which describes “the tricky disputes and dilemmas involved in breaking up the union” refers to the question of dividing the waters separ...


Shale Gas Development in the UK

Anyone who has less than two years experience of shale/gas consents who has just joined a company or wants to join a company would benefit from attending this programme.

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UK Oil and Gas Law

This seminar provides an intensive introduction to the statutory, contractual and regulatory environment for the oil and gas sector and factors in issues and challenges faced by the sector.

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The Commercialisation of Oil and Gas Discoveries

All persons involved in the development of oil and gas resources need to understand the steps which turn an oil and gas discovery into a producing field. The high capital costs of bringing a discovery into production entail that the revenue streams from a project must be clearly identified before investment decisions are made. This 2-day programme will increase awareness of such inter-linkages, some of which are not always obvious.

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