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Entry Requirements

To make best use of your five UCAS choices check out our entry requirements to ensure a good match between what you have or hope to have in exams and the 'going rate' for the course on your shortlist.

Ours can be found in our course pages and the Undergraduate Prospectus which lists both standard qualifications (school exams) and alternative qualifications (obtained after leaving school).

Irish Leaving Certificate and International Baccalaureate entry requirements are also listed in the Undergraduate Prospectus.

If your qualifications are not listed in the Undergraduate Prospectus an assessment of your entry prospects can be obtained by contacting:

For UK Qualifications: For International Qualifications:
The Enquiry Centre
Tel. 01382 384160
  The International Office
Tel. 00 44 1382 388111

General Advice

Here is some general advice on our entry requirements which should give you some useful background information.

UK School Students

When you make your school subject choices at 14+ for GCSE or SQA Standard Grades and at 16+ for AS/A levels or SQA Highers/Advanced Highers check that you have included any required subjects for the university courses you will be applying for in your final year at school. This can be checked from our current courses in the Undergraduate Prospectus.

Scottish school pupils are encouraged to consult our Choices for S2 and S4.

When the time comes to complete your UCAS application check out the current entry requirements to make a realistic assessment of your entry prospects. You will find that our requirements are specified in UCAS Tariff points . If you are unfamiliar with these please see UCAS Tariff in the Undergraduate Prospectus and for background information, New Qualifications Framework Policy.

EU Students

In general the school leaving examinations of other member countries of the EU plus evidence of a good level of proficiency in English language are acceptable if obtained at an appropriate level. If you will be applying with EU qualifications, see your country on our International Students pages for further information.

International Students

Here it is not so easy to generalise but the school leaving exams of many countries obtained at a standard good enough for entry to university in your own country will enable you to be seriously considered here. If you will be applying with international qualifications visit your country's page on our International Applicants website for further information.