Our students take different experiences away with them. Whether that's making lifelong friends, or going on to further study, everyone has a different story.

My partner and I were both fortunate enough to attend the DUAL Summer School of 2012. The other day we both received the good news that we will be graduating this month with first class honours degrees in Computing Science and Mathematics respectively.

We wanted to share this good news with you and also to thank you for giving us the opportunity to study at Dundee through the DUAL Summer School. Without the Summer School's help we would both have found it much harder to gain a place on a degree course and may not have been able to study at university level at all.

As it is I will be starting a new job as a Software Developer in Edinburgh soon and my partner will be going on to study for a PhD in Maths, also in Edinburgh. The Summer School has allowed us both to achieve our goals and gain positions we would not have otherwise been able to, not to mention meet each other!

D & C ?

I can’t quite believe it is 20 years this year since I was a fresh face school leaver joining the Access Summer School. The Summer School for me was a great bridge to the opportunities I have been given in my career and for that I will always be extremely grateful.

I studied abroad at the University of Oklahoma in my second year at Dundee, I graduated with an Honours degree in English Literature and Education and went on to do a Postgraduate Diploma at the University of St. Andrews in Information Technology.  

I then was lucky to secure a position in Oil & Gas Industry Learning & Development and in the last 6 years I also specialised in Organisational Behavioural Safety. 20 years on I still have fond memories of the Summer School and the doors it has opened for my own career.


In 2011 I graduated High School without acquiring the necessary grades to enter any of my five choices for University. Unfortunately, due to family problems in my senior years I did not do as well as I hoped in my final exams.  Luckily a neighbour told me about DUAL. In my interview, they saw potential in me, and I gained access onto the DUAL course. I then went onto graduate in 2015 with a 2:1 in English and History MA Honours. I will be doing my PGDE in August of 2016.

Without DUAL I do not know if I would have accomplished my goals. I am eternally grateful to the University staff who helped run the DUAL program.


I was extremely fortunate to secure a place on DUAL Summer School in 2011.  I was passionate about studying social work but without this course I would have had the relevant qualifications to gain access to University. 

To undertake DUAL Summer school I had to give up my full time employment which meant, financially, this was difficult.  However, whilst I was attending summer school I was offered a £60 per week bursary making it possible for me to attend and succeed in my studies. 

After completing summer school, I went on to study an undergraduate degree within social work.  This was a fantastic course and everyone within the academic team were very supportive. 

During my 4 years, I had part time jobs to support my studies, however, I also relied very heavily on my loan and tuition fees.  Without this funding, university would not have been possible for me and I am glad to say that I graduate last year with a first class honours. 

Throughout my time at university, I also worked on the DUAL Summer school as a mentor as widening access to education is something I am incredibly passionate about.  This gave me the opportunity to support other students who were also trying to gain a place within the university through the DUAL summer school route. This was an excellent opportunity giving me the relevant skills and qualifications to secure my current job. 

Attending Dundee University has really been the best decision I have ever made.