Information for students starting in January will be available shortly

If you are arriving at the University after the main weeks in September and January, please read the following information.

Step 1 - Collect your academic summary

Please go to your School Office where we'll give you your an academic summary, timetable, handbook or other documents.

Step 2 - Make arrangements to pay your fees (if applicable)

If you need to make arrangements to pay your fees, please visit the Cash Office in the ground floor of the Tower Building. It is open Monday - Friday between 09.00 & 13.00.

If you have outstanding tuition fees to pay you will have to present written proof from the Cash Office that they have agreed to a date in which you will pay the remainder of tuition fees.

Step 3 - Matriculation (formal registration)

Collect together the following documents:

  • Academic Summary (signed by the School Office)
  • Photographic proof of Identity
  • Passport and Visa (International students only)
  • Original Qualification Certificates
  • English Language Certificate (International and EU students only)
  • Receipt/Evidence of payment of Tuition fees

Once you have all the above documentation please go to the Enquiry Centre, Campus Green, Monday - Friday between 12.00 & 13.00.