When you arrive at the port of entry to the UK, usually London or Edinburgh airport, you will have to pass through Immigration Control.

  • Ensure you complete your landing card before you meet the Border Force officer in the UK.  You will find the necessary details for a UK contact (a member of University staff) on your CAS form and on letters from the University.
  • If you carry your passport in a protective wallet, please take it out before you present it to a Border Force officer.
  • Never give false or misleading information (including forged or counterfeit documents) to a Border Force officer.

Entry Clearance Officers will check you have the full financial funds to pay for your programme of Study and also living expenses.  Please ensure that you have the following in your hand luggage for Entry Clearance at Immigration control. 

Proof of Tuition Fees paid and Maintenance Funds

  • Your CAS statement (this shows the pre-payments you have made towards tuition fees/accommodation)
  • CAS statement changes (Receipt or UKVI Screenshot printouts of payments you have made to the University of Dundee after your CAS statement was issued)
  • Most recent bank statement (not the bank statement used for Visa approval)

Proof of Identity

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Biometric Card (if applicable)

Proof for Studies

  • University of Dundee Admissions letter
  • Original qualifications
  • English Language Certificates

The immigration officer may ask to see all of the above documents, and should put a stamp in your passport. You will then have permission to stay in the UK until your entry clearance expires

providing you comply with the Terms and Conditions of your Tier 4 visa http://www.dundee.ac.uk/international/support/factsheets/

If you have a Tier 4 visa your visa should cover the length of your study (if 12 months or more) plus four months, if this is not the case please contact the International Advice Service for advice once you have matriculated.  They can assist you in correcting any errors on your visa http://www.dundee.ac.uk/international/support/

The UKVI have introduced random credibility interviews so you may be invited to an interview on arrival at the airport, the immigration officer may refuse entry if he or she has any doubts about your documentation - however this is unlikely. If it does happen, ask the immigration authorities to contact the University International Office for confirmation of your student status. The number is +44 (0)1382 388 111 (between 09.00-17.00). At other times a message can be left on the answer-phone. You can also contact the Immigration Advisory Service for help, during office hours, in London on +44 (0)870 606 7766 or Glasgow on +44 (0)141 248 2956.

After immigration control you will pass through Luggage Collection & Customs.