Matriculation is the formal process of registration with the University.

You need to matriculate each year of your programme so you can:

  • undertake a programme of study
  • remain enrolled as a student
  • (including periods for writing up dissertations or theses)


Matriculation takes place at the beginning of each academic year in September. There is a January matriculation for January starts. We'll contact continuing students in late August/early September about the process. You should complete the matriculation process and pay any due fees as quickly as possible.

For new students

You'll find out when your matriculation date is on your School pages.

The steps to matriculate are:

  1. Finance desk - all students. This is where we will check your funding documents or, if applicable, you will pay any remaining tuition fees.
  2. Home desk - only if you are from Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland or an EU country. This is where we will check your qualifications and identity.
  3. International desk - only if you are from a country not in the EU. This is where we will check your qualifications, identity and visa.
  4. ID card desk - all students. This is where you will receive your student ID card.

You'll need to bring identity, qualification and

Irrespective of the time of year that you first matriculated, you must matriculate at the start of every subsequent session, i.e. in September.

If you are unable to matriculate during the set times, you should request permission to matriculate late from the Student Records Officer, please e-mail Student Records. If you do not, then a Late Matriculation Fee of £70 will normally be payable.

Please note: students requiring visas to come to the UK must get a student visa. We cannot allow prospective students who have only a visitor's visa to matriculate. For further information see Points Based Immigration System

Online Matriculation for Continuing Students

Please read the information on our webpage for continuing students

Continuing Student / Writing Up Matriculation Fee

A matriculation fee of currently £100 is payable in lieu of tuition fees for any academic session or part thereof in which tuition fees are not payable. This fee allows you to remain a matriculated student and access University facilities until the final submission of coursework and/or dissertations or theses. It is typically, but not exclusively, paid by full-time PhD students in their fourth and subsequent years and by full-time taught masters students who require a second or subsequent year to complete their degree.

Please remember that students funded by SAAS or the Student Loan Company MUST apply each year for the payment of tuition fees for the following year. Application information and details of deadlines are available at SAAS or SLC.

Students with Disabilities

Students with mobility or serious visual problems should ignore the queue for matriculation and should ask for the Matriculation Officer on arrival at Bonar Hall.