Wetland Ecosystem Services and Integrated Catchment Management – Tweed UNESCO HELP Basin

The Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science has a strong focus on research, believing that providing high quality and reliable insights into different aspects of water law and policy, management and environmental science is one of our foremost tasks. We lead and participate in projects covering a wide variety of topics helping provide the evidence base for decision-making around environmental change and human responses. These focus on integrated water resource management and wetland ecosystems services, as well as natural flood management, conservation of biodiversity, participatory catchment organisations and governance. One of our main areas for research is the Tweed, an UNESCO HELP Basin in the Scottish Borders where we work in close collaboration with Tweed Forum , as well working elsewhere in Scotland, the rest of UK, through to mainland Europe and beyond.

Our expertise in water law and policy, environmental science and management provides complementary knowledge and expertise, as well as being a trans-disciplinary area of competence in its own right.  The Centre and School also fulfil an important role in disseminating research results; we produce policy briefs, reports and papers which present results in a form suitable for policy makers and managers, as well as in high quality academic publications.

Tweed Wetland Ecosystem Services: The objective of this research theme is to better understand the way in which water and wetlands are valued and managed. It builds on the innovative work of the Tweed Forum and its partners in The Tweed UNESCO HELP basin, including the Dundee Water Centre, in taking forward such initiatives as the Tweed Catchment Management Plan, the Borders Wetland Vision and the Tweed Wetland Strategy. Our current work includes working on the Board of the Scottish Government Land Use Pilot, taking an Ecosystem Approach to rural land use planning.

In this and associated work, including a PhD project on wetland ecosystems and their development over time, we look to develop and promote the implementation of a methodology to identify and quantify the key ecosystem services provided by the various wetlands and water bodies in the Tweed catchment and identify the wishes and values of stakeholder communities as they refer to these key ecosystem services and the wetlands that provide them.