Water and Sanitation Services in Europe: Do Legal Frameworks provide for "Good Governance"?

We are providing comparative analysis of governance in water services provision (sanitation and water supply) as part of research undertaken for SUEZ ENVIRONMENT, carried out in an independent manner, in accordance with University of Dundee academic standards. The focus of this work is the need for transparency, public participation and access to justice for water consumers.

The aim of this research is to develop an analytical framework to study and compare national governance mechanisms. To do so, the research has analysed the national regulatory measures that ensure water governance concerning water tariff and customer standards setting in six countries: England, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Scotland and Spain. A list of 14 indicators for access to information, public participation and access to justice has been employed to compare and contrast national legal mechanisms across the countries.



Key People

The lead researcher for this project was Dr Monica Garcia Quesada, working closely with Dr Sarah Hendry and Dr Michael Hantke-Domas.  

Dr Monica Garcia Quesada

Monica has a particular interest in comparative policy research on governance in the water sector and the regulation of private companies’ participation in the water and wastewater sector, in a European context.  Monica’s research interests focus on the impact of the EU water policies on EU member states and on the analysis of processes of institutional change at the national level with respect to water law, policy and regulation.

Dr Michael Hantke-Domas

Michael is a Chilean lawyer with expertise in law, governance and economic regulation of water utilities, resulting from more than 13 years of involvement in the subject as academic, regulator, United Nations staff, and international consultant.  He is the Director at Centro del Agua, Universidad Andrés Bello (Chile).  From 2007-2009 lectured on the Regulation of Water Services at the IHP-HELP Centre.

Dr Sarah Hendry

Sarah is a Lecturer in Law, teaching on modules in comparative national water law and the regulation of water servics. She is also the Programmes Director for the IHP-HELP Centre's taught Masters programmes, and Advisor of Studies for our research students.