LiveDiverseLiveDiverse seeks to develop new knowledge on the interaction between livelihoods and biodiversity within their riparian and aquatic contexts.  Read  Newsletter 2 from the LiveDiverse team, the latest (June 2011) news from this project. 

The project’s task is to find ways to improve livelihoods while at the same time protecting biodiversity.  It is Co-ordinated by Professor Geoffrey D. Gooch.  July 2011 news items: please see the introductory project poster and see our International Water Law Workshop for which LiveDiverse project partner NIAPP is providing a speaker for.

LiveDiverse is now in its third year, and moving into an intensive period of field work in its four case study areas of South Africa, Vietnam, Costa Rica and India, chosen to represent different social and ecological conditions.

LiveDiverse places a strong emphasis on the engagement of stakeholder groups at grass-roots level; a key philosophy running throughout LiveDiverse is the need to integrate knowledge and understanding from a range of disciplines and actors, and to combine scientific and local forms of knowledge.  

Through vulnerability studies and the development of integrated and participatory scenarios, LiveDiverse is generating a greater understanding of the true social (economic and non-economic) value of biodiversity.  A LiveDiverse Executive Summary document has been compiled to report on progress to date (winter 2010/11).

IHP-HELP Centre Team

Professor Geoffrey D. Gooch is the LiveDiverse Coordinator and Dr Alistair Rieu-Clarke is lead on the stakeholder engagement workpackage.

The IHP-HELP Centre provides a range of input and leadership to the project on governance and stakeholder issues.  This is provided by the whole team, including: Professor Michael Bonell ; Mr Andrew Allan; Miss Yumiko Yasuda and Miss Armelle Guignier.