Flood Management in the Borders

Land Management for increased flood resilience

In 2010 the Centre won funding from the Scottish Government to join a multidisciplinary team led by Newcastle University, and including Tweed Forum, Durham & York universities, to examine access to information about flood management in the Borders.  

The project looked at the challenges of managing a river across various different types of "border", including geographic and conceptual. 

Tweed Forum were active partners on the project, thus ensuring continual exchange between researchers and stakeholders. Based around the Eddleston Water in Scotland and Wooler Water in England, the study looked to develop better ways to promote resilience to flooding in rural areas, through a multi-layered investigation of the knowledge held by different parties about flood risk management.

The work was also designed to support the development of networks amongst stakeholders including land managers, members of statutory agencies, and local government, businesses and resident.