Reports, Policy Briefs and Publications

The Centre produces a wide variety of high quality publications. These include reports and policy briefs specifically aimed at policy and decision-makers, as well as scientific journal articles, books and book chapters aimed at academics.

Policy and research briefs are usually short (3 to 5 page) publications that condense the results of extensive research into a form understandable by non-experts. These provide policy-makers with a short introduction to the central issues of water law, policy and science, as well as a list of other, more extensive publications.

Our Centre publications are constantly being produced, this page provides only examples. For more information on specific topics please see individual staff publications pages, or contact the Centre.

Online Resources

UNWC Online Users Guide -

Policy Briefs

LiveDiverse Policy Brief Series No.1 The Use of Household Survey Methods for Assessing Biodiversity-Livlihood Linkages

LiveDiverse Policy Brief Series No.2 GIS database support for decision-making

LiveDiverse Policy Brief Series No.3 Developing a cultural-spiritual vulnerability matrix

LiveDiverse Policy Brief Series No.4 Stakeholder participation in research project

LiveDiverse Policy Brief Series No.5 Data needs for identifying connections between biodiversity and cultural/spiritual vulnerability

LiveDiverse Policy Brief Series No.6 Aspects of gender - research issues and considerations

LiveDiverse Policy Series No.7 Constructing scenarios - stakeholder participation and interaction

LiveDiverse Policy Series Identifying actors and institutions

LiveDiverse Policy Series No.7 Constructing scenarios - stakeholder participation and interaction

Wouters, P. - Water Security: A Global Issue


UN Watercourses Convention User’s Guide

UNWC Global Initiative Symposium 2012 Proceedings


Country Report: Vietnam Payment for Environmental Services Guignier, Armelle and Rieu-Clarke, Alistair (IUCN Academy of Environmental Law, 2012)

Research Briefs

Yasuda, Y. - Formal rules, informal norms and advocacy strategies of NGOs: Lessons from the Mekong River