Forthcoming opportunities to study water security and international water law in the UK!

This summer will see the organisation of two highly complementary back-to-back events at University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK and the University of Dundee, Scotland, UK.   

The Water Security for Policy Makers and Practitioners short course, from 20-24 June 2016,  brings together key strengths in water politics, climate change, agricultural water management and water allocation, in order to provide the participants with an exceptional change to acquire an understanding of water security. The course will provide policy-makers and professionals with comprehensive background knowledge relevant to the increasingly important policy challenge of ‘water security’. The course explores how the multiple levels of water security – human, community, state, international and global – require broad but considered policy inputs. Emphasis will be placed on the inter-dependencies of different sectors (climate security, food security, energy security) that interact within a ‘web’ of water security. The implications for national security and human security will be interpreted through an appreciation that water security for some can mean water insecurity for others. The importance of shifting global climate and trade patterns in the international political economy will further be incorporated.   

The water security course will be followed by the 7th Annual International Law and Transboundary Freshwater Training Workshop, at the University of Dundee, Scotland from 27th June to 30th June 2016. The 7th Annual Workshop will explore key rules of principles pertaining to the sharing of international rivers, lakes and aquifers (including the legal norms contained in the 1997 UN Watercourses Convention and 1992 UNECE Water Convention). The workshop, with the assistance of international facilitators that have ‘on the ground’ experience across a wide range of transboundary contexts will also explore the challenges in the implementation of international law, and in improving its effectiveness.  

For further information, please contact the UEA training team at and Jaclyn Scott, at the University of Dundee. 

There are direct flights from Norwich International Airport to Edinburgh, an hour’s train journey from Dundee, or flights from London Stansted to Dundee. There are also trains between the two cities.