7th International Law and Transboundary Freshwaters Workshop held in Dundee

Participants and presenters at the 2016 event

The Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science (under the auspices of UNESCO), University of Dundee (CWLPS), held its 7th International Law and Transboundary Freshwater Workshop between 27th – 30th June 2016.   The workshop brought together experts from North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Workshop participants benefitted from presentations by experts from Agua Sustentable (Bolivia), IUCN Environmental Law Centre, Negotiation Affairs Department, Palestine, University College Cork, University of Ottawa, UNECE Water Convention Secretariat, Volta Basin Authority, University of Strathclyde, UNESCO ISARM, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bolivia as well as academics from CWLPS (Dr Alistair Rieu-Clarke and Professor Chris Spray).  Key legal issues covered included the role and relevance of the 1997 UN Watercourses Convention and the 1992 UNECE Water Convention, practical insights into the determination of equitable and reasonable utilisation, experience in the procedural requirements for data and information exchange, and practice related to dispute settlement.