Appointment of Principal and Vice-Chancellor


The position of Principal and Vice-Chancellor provides the opportunity for an outstanding individual to build on a strong platform of impressive progress made over recent years to shape an exciting future for Dundee on its journey to become Scotland’s leading University.

Our next Principal will be an inspirational leader who will command the respect of our community and bring energy and enthusiasm to the delivery of our vision and strategy. They will promote and stimulate the very best academic, organisational and financial performance across the University, as well as playing a leading role in representing our interests locally, nationally and internationally.

Our Charter identifies the Principal and Vice-Chancellor as our chief academic and administrative officer, presiding over meetings of the Senatus Academicus and, in the absence of the Chancellor, exercising the functions of the Chancellor including the conferment of degrees. The distinguished astrophysicist Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell has recently been appointed as our new chancellor.

The Principal is a member of Court, the University’s governing body. As de facto Chief Executive, the Principal has overall responsibility for the academic strategy and effective management of the University and is the ‘accountable officer’ responsible for its governance and progress towards long-term financial sustainability.

The Principal works closely with the Chair of Court and Court members in discharging these responsibilities and in all other aspects of Court’s work. The Chair is formally the Principal’s line manager, meeting with them on a regular basis and undertaking formal annual reviews of their performance.

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Alastair McCall, Editor of the Sunday Times Good University Guide, said when they named us Scottish University of the Year for the second year running, “Dundee proves it is possible to be both an outstanding teaching university and one at the cutting edge in research work.”

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