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Computing Science BSc (Hons)

Develop a creative approach to programming, and learn the theory, science and mathematics behind it

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September 2019


4 years

Study mode

Full Time


Dundee City Campus

You'll learn how to design and develop all types of software to make computers do new things or manage tasks more efficiently.

This could include applications for mobile devices, developing websites, or programming software. This degree teaches you how to use technology to find solutions.

Some examples of student projects include:

  • tumour predictions based on MRI scans
  • food app diary for people with learning difficulties
  • platforms to investigate interactions with security systems

You will gain an understanding of the theoretical, scientific, and mathematical components of computing. This includes: 

  • algorithms for data processing and analysis
  • fundamental theory of information and computation
  • software engineering principles and practices
  • interactive entertainment and video games programming
  • mathematics that underpins computational systems

It will challenge you to understand the technical background of algorithm and software analysis. You'll need an understanding of mathematical concepts and a logical mind.

As well as exploring how users interact with technology during your studies, you'll also have an opportunity to work with real users. At our dedicated User Centre, you will meet with people with varying computing capabilities. This can help you to understand how to build technology which meets people's diverse needs in fun and creative ways.

You'll also learn about software development, physical computing, and data management. You'll gain a thorough understanding of a range of programming languages including Java, C++, and C# so you become a versatile and adaptable programmer.

Professional accreditation

British Computer Society, The Chartered Institute for IT, Accredited Degree

This course is accredited by the BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT professionals in the UK and abroad.

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