Creative task

for Architecture MArch (Hons)

Date of entry

September 2020

This information is for applicants to Level 1 of Architecture MArch (Hons).

If you apply for advanced entry to Levels 2 or 3 we will invite you to submit a portfolio, with full instructions sent via email.

As part of the application process, we will ask you to complete a creative task which will help you to demonstrate your imagination and originality. Here’s what you need to know:

The creative task 

Your task will involve studying the environment where you live, whether urban or rural, through a series of quick drawings. We will be looking for a spontaneous response to your environment, so would expect the task to take between one to two hours. We would encourage you to take a playful approach to your drawings, using the task to experiment with methods of drawing. You will be asked to submit a single document showing your drawings and some text to explain the theme you have explored. Full details of how to approach, complete and submit the task will be provided when we invite you to submit the creative task.


This can vary depending on when you submit your UCAS application but we will typically email you to request the submission of your creative task within two to three weeks of you submitting your application. This request will be sent to both your personal and email account. Your invite will detail when we would expect you to complete the task by and your work will be reviewed alongside your academic qualifications and personal statement by an architecture academic.

Any questions?

Please email us at if you have any further questions