Content under review: April 2018

Dundee is a small city and most parts are easily reached in 20-30 minutes by bicycle from the city centre.

Dundee is fairly hilly when travelling north/south but is flat when travelling east/west. Traffic is generally well-behaved and there are many quieter routes that are pleasant to cycle.

It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to ride from the main campus to Ninewells.

Facilities for Cyclists

  • cyclists can use the showers at the University swimming pool (DUSA), in the Matthew Building, and at the sports centre (ISE) for free
  • bicycle racks and lockers are available on the main campus,
  • bike shelters are at Ninewells, and a bike stand at Kirkcaldy
  • staff can borrow bikes to use around city and campus from the University's bike pool
  • electric bicycles, tandem, folding bikes are also available for hire at EBS Cycle Centre

Thinking of buying a bike to use for your journeys to and from the campus? Estates & Buildings have some useful advice about buying a commuter bike.

Plan your Route

Bicycle Users Group (BUG)

The best way to hear about news and events for cyclists is to contact Bicycle Users Group (BUG). Contact BUG by email at: or follow ScotBug Group.

BUG promotes the use of bicycles as a means of commuting to the University. They provide support and advice to both existing and new cyclists. It also works to make the campus more bike-friendly - installing more bike lockers and secure shelters.

Ninewells BUG (Bicycle Users Group) exists to represent cyclists on the Ninewells site and promote greater use of cycling. If you would like to be on the mailing list or need further information, email

Cycle Scheme

The University is working in partnership with Cyclescheme as a benefit to employees. Under the Cycle to Work scheme you can hire a bicycle (and associated safety equipment) for 12 months. The scheme is completely free of income tax and National Insurance contributions. Find out more about the Cycle Scheme.

Dundee University Cycling Society

The University also has a Cycling Society which organises social and leisurely cycling trips to surrounding areas, usually on a Sunday. For more information on upcoming trips, visit Dundee University Cycling Society Facebook page.