To determine if intravenous treatment with alpha-1 proteinase inhibitor reduces sputum neutrophil elastase activity in patients with bronchiectasis.


Understanding barriers to increasing physical activity in chronic pain.

 RECRUITING STOP COVID-19 trial information

Research to test the effectiveness of a new anti-inflammatory drug, Brensocatib, to improve symptoms and reduce hospitalisation for people with COVID-19.

 RECRUITING EPIToPe trial information

Evaluating the population impact of Hepatitis C direct-acting antiviral treatment as prevention for people who inject drugs.

 RECRUITING REACH HCV trial information

Testing and treating people receiving methadone for Hepatitis C in community pharmacies.

 RECRUITING VitalBE trial information

Research to test the effectiveness of an inhaled antibiotic, Caystan, on bronchiectasis.

 IN FOLLOW-UP ADVANCE trial information

Investigating the best way to provide treatment for people who inject drugs infected with Hepatitis C virus.


Investigating risk/benefit ratio of inhaled corticosteroids in people with COPD with low eosinophilic counts.


Evaluation of Hepatitis C treatments in NHS Tayside in order to empirically test the 'treatment as prevention' models.

 IN ANALYSIS MULTIPROS trial information

Assessing the readability of pre-biopsy MRI in correctly predicting the grade and aggressiveness of prostate cancer in 600 men.

 IN ANALYSIS MUSIC trial information

Examining the mechanism of inhaled corticosteroids associated with pneumonia in patients with COPD.

 IN ANALYSIS LACE trial information

Leucine and ACE inhibitors as therapies for sarcopenia: a two by two factorial randomised placebo-controlled trial.

 IN ANALYSIS ArchWire-RaCE trial information

Comparing the clinical effectiveness of FireWire archwires to Copper Nickel Titanium archwires for orthodontic treatment.

 IN ANALYSIS RAINDroP trial information

Randomised controlled pilot to identify people with iron deficiency who do not respond to oral iron supplementation.

 IN ANALYSIS ActWELL trial information

A randomised control trial to assess the impact of a lifestyle intervention in women invited to NHS breast screening.

 IN ANALYSIS CUBS trial information

Development and feasibility study to compare cue-based versus scheduled feeding for preterm infants transitioning from tube to oral feeding in neonatal units.