Work with us

We encourage Chief Investigators to contact us as early as possible in the trial development process to enable a collaborative approach to provide you with access to TCTU expertise. This will allow us to help with the design, feasibility and costing of a proposal to ensure that we can identify all resources to be included at the grant application stage.

TCTU will guide you through the University of Dundee’s pre-award process (for internal CI’s only) and the TASC pre-award process for clinical trials. For internal University of Dundee School of Medicine staff, this includes the completion of an Expression of Interest Form to gain project approval from your division. Please send the completed form to

Please complete the TCTU collaboration form to start the process of working with us.

Once completed (as far as possible) attach any other documentation which may be useful to us in understanding your trial needs, such as draft grant application and draft protocol, and send to

You will be contacted by a member of our Senior Management Team at the earliest opportunity to arrange a collaboration meeting.

Collaboration meeting

The aim of the collaboration meeting is to obtain the key information we need to arrange the appropriate TCTU support required for your trial and to inform budget preparation. Example discussion areas:

  • Confirmation of funder and submission deadlines
  • TCTU role and responsibilities
  • TCTU resource required
  • Involvement of other stakeholders, for example: Sponsor, TASC, NHS, CRC, TBR, HIC
  • Trial timelines
  • Trial design and methodology
  • Feasibility
  • Patient pathway and study matrix

If the outcome of the collaboration meeting is for us to support your application, TCTU will work with you to prepare the final submission and budget.

Funding approved

On receipt of the grant award, TCTU will formally agree funding, timelines and deliverables with you as applicable to the grant award specifications. A Statement of Support will be put in place before TCTU commences work on the trial.