MindJump Health and Well?being Programme: Evaluation and Development

This small-scale project set out to provide an independent evaluation of a recently developed health and well-being programme, MindJump, targeted at primary aged children. One class in each of two schools in the same local authority took part in the project. Staff were given training in the programme by the company director of MindJump. For a number of practical reasons, programme delivery in the classrooms was restricted to a few weeks towards the end of the summer term. Despite the short period of implementation, there was evidence of impact on the pupils’ learning and ability to apply this learning in a range of contexts. This was apparent from both the pupils’ and the teachers’ accounts. There was evidence of pupils telling others (family and friends) about MindJump and applying their learning out with the school setting. Pupils were able to articulate ways in which they anticipated applying their learning when they moved to secondary school. Teachers were positive about the training from a personal learning perspective referring to how it had improved their understanding of their pupils and provided new teaching strategies. A number of recommendations regarding future developments of the programme have been made.

This project aligns with the TCELT theme of Educational Transitions and well-being given that the participating children were in their final year of primary school and about to make the significant educational transition to secondary school education. It also aligns with the theme of Social Change for well-being as the teachers received training in MindJump thus building capacity in the school to support other students.

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Dr Hannah & Dr McGarry in collaboration with the Director of Mindjump

Publication resulting from project

Hannah, E.F.S., & McGarry, F. (2015). MindJump Health and Well-being Programme: Evaluation and Development. Dundee: Report for MindJump.


Scottish Funding Council Innovation Voucher scheme