Multiple and multi-dimensional transitions: Understanding the life transitions of young adults cared for by CHAS and the impact on their parents, siblings and professionals

This study aimed to gain a clear understanding of the life transitions of young adults with life limiting conditions as they move to adulthood, as well as the impact of the young adult’s life transitions and choices on significant others (namely families, professionals) and vice versa. The study was longitudinal with methodological and source triangulation. Data were collected from 12 young adults, 10 family members and 11 professionals. Please access the Executive Summary for more information and contact Divya Jindal-Snape (d.jindalsnape...

  • Funding/Funder: Children's Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS)

Place age

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Judith Sixsmith is a co-author on a new policy and guidelines publication called Place-Age, Place-Making with older adults towards age-friendly cities and communities. The book has developed from the Place-Age project (ESRC-Newton funded UK-Brazil research collaboration) and highlights the ways in which policy and practice needs to change to promote age-friendly communities.  For more information about the project, please see the Place-Age project

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MindJump Health and Well?being Programme: Evaluation and Development

This small-scale project set out to provide an independent evaluation of a recently developed health and well-being programme, MindJump, targeted at primary aged children. One class in each of two schools in the same local authority took part in the project. Staff were given training in the programme by the company director of MindJump. For a number of practical reasons, programme delivery in the classrooms was restricted to a few weeks towards the end of the summer term. Despite the short period of implementation, there was evidence of impact ...

  • Funding/Funder: Scottish Funding Council Innovation Voucher scheme

Transitions through Education

Dr Beth Hannah and Professor Divya Jindal-Snape are guest editors of a Research Topic for the journal Frontiers in Education. Frontiers journals cover more than 600 academic disciplines. The idea behind the Research Topic concept is that of bringing together a selection of peer-reviewed articles around a related theme. This collection of articles aims to address key gaps in educational transitions research literature, leading to new perspectives and the identification of recommendations for further research, policy and practice. The call is ope...

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SMART Project

The SMART (Skill Matching Assistance and Reporting Tool) tool supports ICT-based teaching and learning as well as ICT-based assessment practices in the youth sector. ...

  • Funding/Funder: Erasmus Plus

Growing up in Protracted Crises: Refugee Youth Experiences of Transitions to Adulthood in Uganda & Jordan

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Some 600 million young people live in fragile or conflict affected areas across the globe (UNDP, 2016) and over half of refugee populations are under the age of 18 (UNHCR, 2016). As situations of crises become protracted, millions of children are growing up in contexts of civil war, political tensions, and environmental crises exacerbated by poverty. With a paucity of existing detailed information on the experiences of children and youth affected by protracted crises, this research has been structured to gather primary data directly from young ...

  • Funding/Funder: Department for International Development, UK

IDEAL-GAME: Improving didactics, education and learning in higher education with the Online Serious Game Creator

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The ERASMUS+ project IDEAL-GAME is a strategic partnership in the field of higher education. The main aim of this project is to foster teaching and learning in higher education institution by integration of innovative digital applications. As part of the project, the partners are developing an online game development tool for serious games. A kick-off meeting was conducted on 8 - 10 December 2020 with partners to discuss the aim's of the project. This IDEAL GAME-Tool will allow learners to play different types of small serious games that can b...

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Future Transitions in Palliative Care

Funded by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute (, the programme explores the future of palliative care for people with life limiting conditions to build a contextual understanding of care needs and aspirations across the life course and scope future care models that support the development of person-centred care towards Scotland 2030. There is a need to focus on positive and preferable destinations of care where the ethos and values of services provide a seamless transition for people with life limiting conditio...

  • Funding/Funder: Scottish Universities Insight Institute