Implementation and evaluation of gang Violence Prevention Programmes: Scottish and Brazilian perspectives.


Start: 5th July, 13:00 – 17:00 Location: Dalhousie 1G06   Speakers:  Damien Williams, School of Medicine, University of St Andrews.   William Graham, Department of Sociology, University of Abertay.       Fernando Fernandes, School of Education and Social Work, University of Dundee.                           Convenor: Juliana Corrêa, National School of Public Health/ Fiocruz/Brazil. Speakers will discuss their work on the i...

TCELT Research Seminar - Enhancing Higher Education Students' Transition Experience at the University of Dundee


TCELT Research Seminar - Enhancing Higher Education Students' Transition Experience at the University of Dundee 11th September 2017, 15:00 - 16:00 Dalhousie Building, Room TBC Speakers: Joan Muszynski and Anne-Marie Greenhill   Extract: TCELT Seminar - A showcase of the work that the University of Dundee is involved in to enhance higher education students' transition experience. Joan Muszynski and Anne-Marie Greenhill will present: International Student Video Project LIVE Smart and LEARN Smart - Online toolkits for transition     Register for this event through EventBrite...

Peripheral Epistemologies - a TCELT research methods seminar


The aim of this seminar is to critically reflect on the hegemonic forms of knowledge production in the Western society, its influence in the world, its forms of production, and the alternatives to it.  The key aspect is to consider the mechanisms that produce and legitimate hegemonic forms of knowing and doing, as well as the references that sustain the representations of the world and its social norms. The consideration to alternative forms of knowledge production indicated by the 'epistemologies of the south' and 'southern theories' will point to the possibility of rupture and change that ...

"It depends, because...:using pragmatism and realism to explore the importance of context in the SPL and the NHS"

Image of a hammer

Start: 5th June, 2-4pm Location: Dalhousie 1LG03 Speakers:  Dr Sarah Scholl & Dr Stephen Robertson, Edinburgh Napier University, School of Management. Pragmatism and realism are methodologies that allow us to understand the practicalities of complex situations. A doctoral study on the Scottish football industry and a realist literature review of the balance between service delivery and training in the NHS are two very different projects, but we can use them to explore the importance of different contexts and the parallels that exist between the methodologies. By gaining multiple perspect...

Higher Education Selectivity and Heterogeneous Effects on Earnings (Analysis of large data sets)

Photo of Professor Zhu

Start: 4th October 2017, 2-4pm Location: Dalhousie 2F02 Speaker: Professor Yu Zhu, School of Social Sciences (Business & Management   Studies), University of Dundee. We study the labour market outcomes of graduates in the UK using the Quarterly Labour Force Survey, matched by mean standardised A-Level scores at the institution-subject (JACS) level. Unlike earlier UK studies, we are able to consider the effect of differences in undergraduate degree subjects, degree class and in particular the selectivity of the subject at the institution attended. Our results show that undergraduate ...

Crucibles of Identity: The Social Psychology of Collective Events

Nick Hopkin

Start: 21st March, 2-4pm Location: Dalhousie 1LG03 Speaker:  Dr Nicholas Hopkins, School of Social Sciences (Psychology), University of Dundee Nick will discuss a programme of research conducted at one of the largest mass gatherings in the world – the Magh Mela at Allahabad, north India. More specifically, he will discuss interview and ethnographic research concerning participants’ encounters with other pilgrims and how the experience of these encounters impacted the degree to which they felt able to enact their Hindu identity. Nick will also talk about how such experiences of id...

‘Survival in the Front Line’

Image of Colin Turbett

Both social work programmes in the school of Education and Social Work are underpinned by a social justice commitment, and, as a consequence, radical ‌social work principles inform much of our pedagogical approach. Although the ideas are well received by students, they often question how said ideas can inform practice in the current, often restrictive, neoliberal and managerial context.  To help us, and staff across the school, tackle that issue, we have invited Colin Turbett to host a staff seminar:  Colin Turbett retired last year after 41 years continuous social work service&nbs...

Adapting Research Methods for People with Physical and Speech Impairments

Annalu Waller

TCELT Research Methods Seminar Start: 25 October 2017, 2 - 4pm Location: Dalhousie 2F03 Speaker: Prof A Waller, School of Science & Engineering (Computing), University of Dundee. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) attempts to augment natural speech, or to provide alternative ways to communicate for people with limited or no speech. Assistive Technology provides people who use AAC with independent access to voice output. However, aided communicators have diverse physical and cognitive abilities requiring adaptive and innovative technologies.  In order to design novel te...