Educational and Life Transitions (TCELT) Research Seminar - September 2022

Young men's experiences of residential childcare transitions in Egypt: Cross analysis of three case studies

In this seminar, Hamido A. Megahead will discuss the use of interpretive interactionism approach to create biographical narrative accounts using verbatim quotes from the young men who were making a transition from mixed sex into male only residential arrangement. To ensure young person friendly method to listen to, and present their voice, data were generated from story, life interviews with 11 young men. The research highlighted their transitions in terms of switching from female parenting into male parenting (staff), developing their identities and getting through despairing experiences so as to create and sustain their life after the move.

The seminar will take place on 7 September 2022, 12:00 - 13:00, UK time

Presenter: Hamido A. Megahead

Hamido A. Megahead is a research scholar who has been working independently in cross-cultural social work research for 25+ years. He has been committed to enhancing the school social work in the Northern Ireland context. He volunteered and encouraged "the informal education for young people in Northern Ireland". He is currently doing a doctorate at the University of Edinburgh. The title of study is "Young Men’s Experiences of Residential Childcare Transition from Mixed Sex Residential Accommodation to Single Sex Provision in Egypt"