Being older, affordable housing and forced relocation: Place histories and cultural context

TCELT and Educational and Life Transitions team seminar: "Being older, affordable housing and forced relocation: Place histories and cultural context", by Professor Judith Sixsmith.

Aging-in-place is assumed to be a positive experience, yet this is not always the case for people who are forced to relocate homes in later-life. This paper presents a study exploring the forced relocation experiences of older Chinese migrants to Canada to understand how place histories can shape experiences of opportunity and oppression, and impact health and wellbeing across the life-course. Informed by an intersectional framework,  a multi-method, community-based approach using in-depth interviews (N=15), storytelling sessions (N=10), and photo-tours (N=8)] was undertaken. Findings highlight how forced relocation can are experienced as fluid, interconnected, temporal events, shaped by multiple historical and social factors. The study indicates how insights acquired through an intersectional perspective can be used to inform future urban development initiatives for marginalised persons.

Judith Sixsmith is Professor of Health Related Research in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences at the University of Dundee. Judith's research centres on experiences and processes of social marginalisation, particularly focusing on older people’s health and wellbeing within community contexts, issues of palliative and end of life care and the construction of age-friendly communities and cities. Often using an interventional framework and participatory approaches, Judith has extensive expertise in a range of qualitative methods and knowledge mobilisation techniques.

Venue: Dalhousie 1S06
Date: 11 December 2018
Time: 1-2pm