Facilitating transitions to enhance wellbeing

The University of Dundee has launched a new research centre with the purpose of impacting on international policy and practice in the context of transformative change and transitions.

The pan-University interdisciplinary Transformative Change: Educational and Life Transitions (TCELT) Research Centre brings together an international network of researchers, professionals and their communities. It is hosted by the University’s School of Education, Social Work and Community Education (ESWCE) in partnership with academics from the Schools of Psychology, Environment, Applied Computing, and Accountancy, PAMIS and the Social Dimensions of Health Institute.

Staff from TCELT have already written papers and books relating to transitions, whether in terms of moving from one educational stage to another, or life transitions such as ageing or bereavement.

The TCELT Research Centre aims to conduct world class research and establish collaborative networks and activities with external partners in the academic, statutory, private and voluntary sectors locally, nationally and internationally.

It is hoped that in doing so TCELT will help make transition experiences as positive as possible and promote resilience of individuals, families, groups and communities by producing research that supports those navigating life and educational transitions.

Co-Director Professor Divya Jindal-Snape said, “The vision for the centre is to have an impact on international research, policy and practice in the context of educational and life transitions, and their implications for well-being through an international network of researchers, professionals and communities.”

Professor Tim Kelly, the other co-Director of TCELT, added, “The University’s core purpose is to transform lives locally and globally through the creation, sharing and application of knowledge. The Centre and our collaborators plan to capture the vibrancy of that vision and apply it to our present themes of Educational Transitions and well-being, Life Transitions and well-being, Bringing about Social Change for well-being, and Values, Approaches and Strategies.”

The Research Centre was launched by the University Principal Professor Pete Downes, who also emphasised the close alignment of TCELT to the University’s Transformation Agenda. The launch event included a showcasing of TCELT’s existing work in the form of the launch of three books, two resource packs, posters of staff and students’ research, and displays by TCELT Creative Transformation project’s community partners.