Comic strip on bereavement

The comic helps readers gain different and better perspectives on grief and what grieving means for young people. These stories and scenarios have been written by a group of young people selected from Children’s Hospices Across Scotland (Robin House), HMYOI Polmont, and Richmond’s Hope, and put together by the team at the Dundee Comics Creative Space.

This comic is available in an electronic format and can be printed and used for educational and non-commercial purposes with due citation.


Nabizadeh, G. (Ed.), Murray, C. (Ed.), Jindal-Snape, D. (Ed.), Vaughan, P. (Ed.), Gunn, A., Bradley, H., Taylor, K., Maloy, A., Gunn, E., Kerr, S., Moore, E., Hipson, D., Paul, S., Rasmussen, S., Vaswani, N., Brown, M., Burns, M., Horner, R., Mac, G., ... O'Connor, J. (2019). When People Die: Stories from Young People. UniVerse.