Image of comic strip Coeliac disease

This comic was designed to raise awareness about coeliac disease among professionals, families, and communities. It includes a range of lived experiences with coeliac disease from the perspective of parents, children, adults, as well as a dietitian who specialises in the condition. The comic also provides some introductory information about coeliac disease, tips & facts, and resources for further reading.

This comic is available in an electronic format and can be printed and used for educational and non-commercial purposes with due citation.


Nabizadeh, G., Murray, C. (Ed.), Vaughan, P. (Ed.), Woof, J., Horner, R., Laird, C., Larkin, A., Miller, N., Quinn, K., Robinson, H., Wilson, L., & Fitt, M. (Ed.) (2019). Understanding Coeliac Disease. UniVerse.