The 4 nations agree that the importance of ongoing clinical research should be considered on a par with clinical activity, providing:

  1. the site has the capacity and capability in place to safely conduct the research activities
  2. the study participants are willing to attend, then this should continue

As required from last year, COVID mitigation must be in place and included in the Protocol and Participant Information Sheets with In-Person visits reduced to only those that cannot be replaced by remote methods.

It is the CI's responsibility to ensure that the resources are in place on site to continue the study and ensure that all activities are in the best interest of the participants. If R&D infrastructure resource is required (e.g. CRC, TBR or CRIF support) please ensure that your plans are discussed in advance with the relevant team.

The NIHR prioritisation framework applies throughout the UK. All approvals must be in place- Sponsorship, Ethics, R&D and others as required.

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