It is important that you are aware of and understand the conditions that you need to meet before you are finally approved to study abroad by the University of Dundee.

Please see below.

  • Your Go Abroad Academic Co-ordinator has reviewed your academic performance to date and agrees it is satisfactory
  • You have attended your Pre-departure information session with the Go Abroad Team (these normally take place in May and November for semester 1/full year or semester 2 exchange)
  • You have completed your Learning Agreement and it has been signed off by yourself and your Go Abroad Academic Co-ordinator
  • For Erasmus students only – you have completed all documentation related to your Erasmus mobility grant
  • Youhave provided information for your UoD Travel Insurance policy to be generated
  • You have reviewed, completed, and signed off your Study Abroad Risk Assessment form 

Extra Conditions that apply to Studying Abroad during COVID-19 pandemic

In addition to the University’s Standard Study Abroad Conditions, the following Extra conditions apply until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • You need to sign the Study Abroad COVID Waiver (this will be provided to you by the Go Abroad Team)

An initial assessment will be made by the University on an agreed date for eligibility to travel during semester 1 of 21/22 based on the following criteria:

  • Your host country must be approved for travel by the UK Government Foreign and Commonwealth Office 
  • The border of your host country must be open
  • Your host institution needs to be offering Face to Face teaching or Blended Learning

You will be notified by the Go Abroad Team if your exchange can progress after this initial cut-off date.

Note that the Criteria require to be satisfied up to and including your date of departure. If the criteria are satisfied on the agreed checkpoint date and subsequently fail prior to departure the University reserves the right to withdraw the Study Abroad arrangement without liability.

The criteria listed above are subject to change for 21/22 academic year.