Your health and safety while you are abroad is our number one priority. So it is mandatory for every student to complete and the risk assessment form below prior to departure from their home country. The aims of this form are to:

  • Allow you to identify potential risks relating to study abroad relating to pre-departure, arrival and during your time at the partner institution
  • Consider ways of reducing these risks by using the information and resources we have provided you with prior to your departure
Personal Details

Emergency Contact

Travel Details

Statement Of Understanding

The University of Dundee has the following responsibilities in each of these areas

Go Abroad Team –

  • To host a pre-departure session and provide you with relevant pre-departure information and the Study Abroad Student Handbook
  • To obtain relevant information from you and provide to Finance/Insurance Office for your Travel Insurance Policy
  • To provide you with relevant information to apply for our EHIC for work/studies abroad (Erasmus+ only)
  • Provide you with information on how to contact the University in a Crisis/Emergency Situation (in Study Abroad Student Handbook)
  • To offer advice and support if you have a problem at the host institution that you have been unable to resolve by accessing their Student Support Services or Study Abroad Office (non-academic issues only)

       Finance/Insurance Office –

  • To provide you with a Travel Insurance Policy
  • To assist you with claims on that policy while you are abroad – please email this office directly

School – Academic Exchange Co-ordinator

  • To provide you with information on how your studies abroad will be recognised by University of Dundee
  • To advise you on which modules you should take at the host institution and assist you with the completion of your Learning Agreement prior to departure
  • To provide you with advice if you should experience any academic issue at the host institution which you have been unable to resolve by accessing their Student Support Services or Study Abroad Office
  • To review your transcript of studies after you have completed your exchange and follow in-School procedures relating to recognition of credits/conversion of grades
  • To clearly inform you in writing of the outcome of the recognition/conversion activities
  • To enter this information on your University of Dundee Transcript clearly stating what you achieved and where you achieved it

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