Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support (OLS)

One of the objectives of Erasmus+ is to promote language learning and linguistic diversity. The OLS is an online platform designed to improve the knowledge of the language in which the participant will work or study, before and during their stay abroad. The OLS offers online language assessments and, where applicable, language courses to any student participating in an Erasmus+ mobility activity with a duration of more than two months. The OLS is now available in 18 Languages at specific levels.

  • German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch – all levels
  • Portuguese – up to B2 level
  • Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Greek, Finnish, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Swedish – at A1 level

Language skills assessment

If you are not going to be studying or working in your native language, there is a mandatory assessment before and after your mobility (if it’s over two months).

This is a requirement in order to receive your mobility grant. The Erasmus Institutional Co-ordinator will sign you up for this assessment once you have been approved for a period of Erasmus mobility.

The results of the language assessment test carried out before your departure will not stop you from taking part in your mobility unless the receiving institution/company has informed us of a specific level required that is non-negotiable.

If you score lower than B1 on your first assessment you will be automatically be given access to the language course (this is only applicable for German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch).

At the end of your mobility you are also expected to take a second language assessment. You'll then be able to see how much your language skills have improved whilst you have been abroad.

If you are going to be taught in English in your host university but would like to gain a knowledge of the local language you can voluntarily undertake the Erasmus OLS assessment and language course. Contact the Erasmus Institutional Co-ordinator and request to be given access to the OLS. It is important that you are able to communicate with your fellow students and undertake routine activities eg shopping, travelling even though you are being taught in English.

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Find out more at the Erasmus+ OLS website

Language courses and preparation

Teaching in some of our partner institutions is delivered in English, but the majority of universities teach in the native language of the host country. To make the most of an exchange visit it is essential that you are able to communicate with your fellow students and be able to go about your daily activities e.g. shopping, getting about on local transport etc.

University of Dundee language courses

All students are eligible to enrol in one of the Practical Language or Open Languages courses provided by the University of Dundee. There is a charge, but reimbursement is possible from ILA Accredited Courses or from the Erasmus+ Institutional Co-ordinator on provision of the course completion certificate and evidence of payment.

Languages for All

Partner institution language courses

Some of our partners will offer a language course which will take place just before the start of their academic semester which is specifically for Erasmus+ students. You are encouraged to attend this course if it is available to you and it will be included in the duration of your placement with regards to your Erasmus+ grant allocation. If there is a charge for the course, the costs can be reimbursed to you by the UoD Erasmus Institutional Co-ordinator.