While you are away

Whether you are staying in University of Dundee owned accommodation or in a privately rented flat or room, you need to make arrangements for the time you will be abroad to ensure that you are not required to still pay for your accommodation here. If you wish to go away for one semester only and had planned to stay in University of Dundee accommodation for the other semester you can make arrangements to do this with our Residences office. If you have entered into a private lease you can advertise your room/flat for the semester you are away, only if you have received prior permission to sublet from your landlord or tenancy agency.

Finding accommodation abroad

Finding accommodation for your time abroad varies from place to place. Most of our partners offer on campus accommodation for exchange students and if your exchange application to them is successful then you will be given the opportunity to apply for their accommodation. Student accommodation differs across the world and quite often it can be markedly different to what you will be used to in Dundee. For example, there are often mixed gender facilities and rooms do not have an en suite. You may also be required to pay a deposit and one month rent in advance of starting your exchange.

Some of our partners are unable to offer on campus accommodation and it would be your responsibility to find your own accommodation via an independent body or the private sector.

It is useful to contact Dundee students who have been abroad and they can give you information on they accommodation they used or would recommend.

If you need or want to find private accommodation there are some websites which you may find useful. Some of these agencies may charge a fee.