Clearing 2022

The Go Abroad Team is offering a Clearing Application Process.

Why is this being offered?

There are a number of spaces still available at some of our partner institutions.

These spaces are for semester 2 of 22/23 only and are for eligible students across specific disciplines in the following Schools who will be Level 2 or Level 3 during 22/23 academic year:

  • ESW
  • Business
  • Humanities
  • Life Sciences
  • Science and Engineering
  • Social Sciences

You are eligible to apply if:

  • you missed the main application deadline in January 2022
  • you were, for any reason, unaware until now that studying abroad is available to you
  • you have become interested in exchange since the main application deadline in January 2022


You are not eligible to apply for the following reasons. You applied in January 2022 and:

  • your application was not approved by your Go Abroad Academic Co-ordinator


  • you failed to attend your scheduled Go Abroad Interview


  • you scored less than 18 in your Go Abroad Interview


  • you have already accepted the offer of a partner space for 22/23

Next Steps

Before you go any further please check when you can study abroad as this varies depending on your degree programme. 

Go to Clearing Outbound Partner Spaces to view the partners that have available spaces and the subject areas relevant to these partners. Find out more about these partners.

In advance of completing and submitting the application form:

  • Make your selection of suitable partner institutions you are interested in. The form asks for a choice of 5 partners. We appreciate that may not be possible, if your selection is fewer, that is acceptable.
  • DJCAD and Architecture students are expected to prepare a web-based portfolio (to include 12 to 15 images of your best work) and the link to this is requested in the application form
  • In addition to the application form and portfolio (where applicable) we require you to submit a Personal Statement. You will receive a request for this after you have submitted your application.

Your application will be automatically rejected if you select a duration other than semester 2 OR if you select exchange partners that are not listed on the Clearing Outbound Partner Spaces document.

All prepared?

Any queries before you apply, please contact the Go Abroad Team or email

Apply now

Clearing applications for semester 2 of 22/23 have now closed.