If you want to apply to Study Abroad on exchange during 21/22 the Go Abroad Team are here to support you all the way!

Before you complete and submit the application form, there a few things you need to consider, if you haven’t already.

  1. Have you checked when you can study abroad on your degree and which of our partners are available to you?
  2. Have you decided how long you want to go abroad for? – remember on some degrees you can only go for a single semester
  3. Have you contacted the Go Abroad Team to discuss your interest in Studying Abroad?
  4. Have you contacted your Go Abroad Academic Co-ordinator about your interest in Studying Abroad?
  5. Have you had a chat with a Go Abroad Student Ambassador? These students are available for you to contact during Global Room (or Virtual) Drop In Sessions
  6. Have you selected 5 suitable choices of partner institution?
  7. For DJCAD and Architecture students – have you prepared a web-based portfolio to include in your application (12 to 15 images of your best work)
  8. In addition to the application form we require you to submit a Personal Statement. This should be no more than 500 words and discuss why both personally and academically you wish to study abroad. This should be sent as a word document with your name and student ID number to goabroad@dundee.ac.uk by no later than 1 Feb 2021

We ask you to select 5 choices, so try to not get focused on one choice. The Study Abroad experience will allow you to develop a range of transferable skills and provide opportunities of a lifetime at any of the partners you choose. Some of our partners are very popular and spaces are limited. The outcome of your interview with Go Abroad Team will determine which partner you are offered for your study abroad.

Details of the interviews will be provided later.

After you have submitted the application form

You will receive an automatic Thank You Message (this is receipt of your application, so you don’t need to follow up with us to check we have received it) this will also contain next steps in the application process and a reminder to submit your Personal Statement.

The application form is no longer available as the deadline has now passed.

All prepared?

Any last-minute questions before you apply contact goabroad@dundee.ac.uk