Erasmus+, part-funded by the European Commission, allows students in European higher education institutions to take part in exchange programmes.


Erasmus+ Study and Work Placement mobilities are recognised by the University of Dundee. The aim is for students to receive credits for the time they spend abroad so they can progress to the next stage of their degree on return. Students who are approved for the programme are eligible to receive a mobility grant to support their costs. Erasmus+ is not only for language students.

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You receive an Erasmus Mobility Grant to help offset the cost of studying or working in another country, such as travel and the cost of living. The grant is intended as a contribution to costs and is not a full maintenance grant. The grant allocations for study and work mobility vary on an annual basis.

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Recognition of Erasmus+ placements

Study and work placements are recognised by the University of Dundee. This is done by means of the Erasmus Learning Agreement for Studies or Traineeships. You must have this completed and approved by your School and host institution or company in advance of your placement. This document identifies your requirements whilst abroad. By signing the Learning Agreement the School agrees to recognise the successful completion of the modules/activities as part of the your degree, so that you can progress on return from your Erasmus placement.

For more information on academic recognition for a specific degree, please contact the relevant Erasmus+ Academic Exchange Co-ordinator.

Further information

We advise that you talk to your Erasmus+ Academic Exchange Co-ordinator who will be able to help you with any queries you have.