Your academic work abroad counts towards your Dundee degree.

When you're at one of our partner institutions, you'll be able to study in a different culture with a different learning and teaching environment.

You are able to take modules that are relevant to your degree - but are not offered in Dundee - which can give you a different perspective on your studies.

Your Academic Exchange Co-ordinator will advise you on the modules/courses you need to take at the partner institution.

You'll make your choices on a Learning Agreement document before the start of your exchange. This needs to be approved by

  • yourself,
  • your Exchange Co-ordinator
  • your host institution.

While you are away if you need to make any changes to your courses you should contact your Exchange Co-ordinator for advice/approval.

When you return to Dundee you bring your academic credit achieved with you. This means there is no need to repeat a year or semester as long as you pass.

For students who will go away in level 3 you will receive full recognition of any credits taken whilst abroad but will not transfer the grades to be used against your degree classification. This is to make sure you can focus on doing well academically but also allowing you to make the most of your time abroad.

If you have any questions about academic recognition, contact the Go Abroad Team or your Academic Exchange Co-ordinator.