Find out what Medical, Dental or Law School is really like by experiencing it for yourself! Attend a placement within a GP practice, Dental practice or Law firm.

In addition to this form you also require a reference from your guidance teacher. Further details below.

Personal details

* This information will be used to ensure that you cannot be given a placement at your own doctor’s surgery. You may be placed with your current dental practice, if appropriate.

School information

Emergency contact details & parent/guardian information

Preparing us for your visit


Subject(s) of interest

Personal statement

Please give a detailed statement for your application. This will be communicated with the person(s) hosting you for your work experience day and used to allocate you.

Guidance teacher reference

In order for us to consider your application we must also receive a reference from your guidance teacher.

This must give information on your suitability for work experience. It is your responsibility to request this reference from your guidance teacher, and the following link provides access to the form that they will need to complete and submit to us (Work experience teacher form).

Applications without references will not be considered.


Work experience opportunities are only available to those pupils with a professional attitude and a genuine interest in University study.


The information you provide in this form will be used in accordance with the Reach Privacy Notice.

I want to take part in the Reach project. I have read the Reach Privacy Notice and I agree that my information can be used as described. I understand that my information, including my sensitive information such as allergies or disabilities, will be passed on to the work experience placement partner and appropriate sections of the University or NHS Tayside (if applicable) for my own health and safety. 


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