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a. Permission to provide evidence of your participation in Reach to other universities

If you apply to the University of Dundee or to another university, we can provide information to them about your involvement in Reach if requested.

b. Permission to follow your progress at university to improve Reach

We would like to follow your progress after Reach so that we can evaluate the success of the Project and improve it for future groups of students. The University of Dundee is partnering with the universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and St Andrews in the Reach Project. We would like to share data with our partner universities so that we can see if you enrol and progress at any of those institutions. This information will not be used to make any decisions about you and will only be retained in an identifiable way for one year after you graduate from a degree programme.

c. Permission to contact you in future

We would like to keep in touch with you during and after your participation in the Reach Project to discuss your experience of the programme and to find out how your career developed. We will use this information to evaluate and improve the programme and to let you know of any opportunities that we think might be relevant to you. If you are happy for us to contact you, please indicate how we may do so below. We will only contact you for up to one year after you take part in Reach.


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