About ACES and your application timeline

A guide to ACES

This guide includes all the information you require as an ACES pupil to get the most out of the project as you embark on your senior phase at school and transition to university study:

Timeline of events and deadlines

We have put together a timeline of our events alongside all of the university application and portfolio deadlines:

ACES Guides: Apply/Write/E-Folio

ACES Guide to Applying

This guide offers general advice and guidance on each stage of the process of applying to creative courses at university and college.

ACES Personal Statement Guide

This guide offers specific advice and guidance on how to write a personal statement to support an application to creative subjects.

Remember – ACES can help you with your personal statement. Please email us at aces@dundee.ac.uk anytime.

ACES E-Folio Guide

Lots of courses now look for a digital portfolio (also known as a mini or e-folio). This may be all that they will ask to see, or it may be used as an initial selection and then they may invite you for an interview with your full portfolio. This guide offers advice on how to plan and what to include, and how to put it together.

Remember – ACES can help you with your e-folio. Please email us at aces@dundee.ac.uk anytime.

E-Folio Video

We collaborated with the University of Dundee to put together this handy video guide for creating an e-folio.

ACES E-Folio Resources

The ACES E-folio folder is your one-stop-shop for helpful resources.

It includes the ACES E-Folio presentation and guide, Photoshop guides, examples of good e-folios and a selection of templates to get you started.

If you have questions, need help or you’re having any issues accessing the folder please email aces@dundee.ac.uk

Get resources

ACES Portfolio Prep Club Intensives

The biggest part of your application to any creative degree is your portfolio. For the most competitive courses, it is vital that you present a range of work that demonstrates your interest and skill beyond your school work - and that is what we aim to do in the ACES Portfolio Prep Intensive sessions.

This Autumn we are running the Portfolio Prep Club as 5 intensive sessions.

If you have missed a session you can catch up at home using the briefs below.

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