Submitting a portfolio

Your portfolio is a graphic presentation of your creative skills, demonstrated through specifically chosen examples of work. It presents your past accomplishments and future potential.

Not all applicants will have studied art or design as an academic subject, but all applicants must submit a portfolio of their own work, in a digital format, to be considered for a place on one of our MArch courses.

Portfolio - content

  • The portfolio should demonstrate your ability to represent three dimensional objects or space, demonstrate creative thinking, and engagement with the subject of architecture.
  • The portfolio should consist of what you consider to be your best work and can include work such as freehand drawing, painting, expressive work, photography, modelling, design work, sculpture, ceramics, sketchbook examples, work undertaken at summer schools, work experience, portfolio courses, workshops etc. Aim to demonstrate the creative range of your abilities.
  • The portfolio can contain work prepared from an academic course such as SQA Higher or A-level Art. You can also include work from independent study.
  • Think about the order of your work in the portfolio – is it organised chronologically, or by theme? Organise your portfolio to have impact.
  • Two dimensional work such as plans or sections, if included, should be kept to a minimum within the portfolio. We do not expect applicants for Year 1 to be experts in CAD or digital graphics software, nor to be experts in drawing plans or sections. We teach these skills from the start of Year 1.
  • Please keep any text to a minimum, and allow the visual work to demonstrate your skills.

Portfolio - digital format

  • Following submission of your UCAS application, our Admissions Team will contact you to advise on the submission process.
  • Name the digital portfolio file with your UCAS number, followed by your full name.
  • The digital portfolio should be limited to a maximum of 15 slides. A slide can contain more than one image but please be aware that the work will be viewed on a computer screen and therefore it should be of good viewing quality.
  • Your portfolio should be submitted as a single combined pdf file. We accept jpg, jpeg, gif, tiff, tif, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pdf, png or bmp file. The maximum file size is 10MB.
  • A member of the admissions team will review the production quality of your portfolio before forwarding on to the admissions tutor for full assessment. If there are any issues with the digital file we will contact you to request a resubmission.
  • Our typical deadline for portfolio submission is 31st January but this can vary depending on when you submit your application so please also refer to your portfolio submission invite email.

We look forward to viewing your portfolio. If you have any further questions regarding your portfolio, please contact us at

Digital portfolio submission guidance

You will be prompted by our Admissions Team, by email invite, to submit your digital portfolio via the University of Dundee Applicant Portal.

In this short video we will show you how to prepare your ePortfolio.

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Create your ePortfolio

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Upload your ePortfolio

Applicants to Part 2

Applicants for the RIBA Part 2 course, the final two years of the MArch programme at Dundee, are required to apply via UCAS and to submit a concise portfolio of work undertaken in their previous architecture course. The folio may be more than 15 slides (this limit only applies to Part 1 applications), or may include a link to folio work online.

Your portfolio should demonstrate an integrated approach to architectural design. Integrated design brings together the themes of context / place, programme / brief, structure, technology and environmental design through the considered development of a conclusive building design. You should therefore include scaled plans, sections and 3 dimensional images of your design in context; analytical studies exploring the site and brief; scaled sections and images of models which demonstrate that you have considered structure, construction and environmental design and internal images which are an ideal method of explaining a) your engagement with the brief and b) the qualities of the internal environment within your design. Please present more than one project, to help demonstrate a range of skills.

Your folio may contain some practice work of your own authorship, in addition to academic project work, if you have spent time in architectural practice. The practice work must clearly indicate your responsibilities/ involvement in the work for us to be able to assess your skills against our criteria.

Visit Days

There are a number of visit days throughout the year for applicants interested in seeing our facilities and meeting students and staff. As well as University campus talks and tours, we’ll present information on the MArch course with examples of student work, and give you a tour of the spaces our students use on a daily basis - please come and visit us.

Examples of folio work

Use the categories below to guide you in creating a diverse folio of creative ideas and media. The images show a selection of work submitted by applicants for Year 1 architecture who are now matriculated students with us. Your folio might not include work from every section, however, you should aim to demonstrate the range of your creative abilities and express your own skills and interests through your work. Each slide within your portfolio file may be a single image or a collection of images, depending on what you wish to communicate.

Observational portfolio image of a drawing of a village

Observational sketches

Image of a sketch book

Sketchbook pages

image of a painting

Completed paintings

collage of mixed media

Collage/mixed media

image of life drawing

Life drawing


Material experimentation

image of a photo


image of a model

Model making

image of a design in development

Design development

image of ceramics casting

Ceramics casting

image of expressive work

Expressive work

image of a sketch


Image of a sculpture

Creative hobbies

image of digital art

Digital art/Web design

image of print making


Orthographic drawing

Orthographic drawing