Making your money stretch as far as you can will be important to you when you are a student. This is made easier in Dundee as the cost of living here is approximately 14% lower than the UK average, meaning your money should go further. 

We estimate that your living costs will range from £7,000 to £8,000 per academic year, but remember that your own expenditure will depend on your lifestyle and the funds available to you. You will spend more than normal in your first week or two as you establish yourself, but your expenditure will soon settle down, allowing you to manage your weekly budget carefully.

International students requiring a visa

The minimum living expenses required by UK Visa & Immigration is £1,015 for each month of your course, up to £9,135 for a course lasting nine months or more. This amount changes every year and you should check you have the correct amount in your bank account for the required duration before applying for your visa.

In addition to your tuition fees you will need to cover the following living expenses:

General expenses

ExpensesApproximate cost per month
Accommodation (private & University-managed*) £300 - £530
Food / Household Goods £120
Entertainment £75
Phone / Postage £25
Incidents £20
TOTAL £540 - £770

* Costs for accommodation will vary between the private sector and flats managed by the University. The range of costs we have given reflects this. Remember that private accommodation fees do not include the cost of utility bills, whereas University accommodation fees do include all utility bills, high speed internet, access to communal facilities, 24/7 on-site security and insurance. Please visit the Accommodation pages for full details of what's included.


Average Rental Prices

Dundee's average rental prices are more competitive than other cities.(Numbeo)

1 Bedroom City Centre Apartment 
LocationMonthly RentLocationMonthly Rent
London £1,683 Liverpool £615
Edinburgh £699 Leeds £653
Glasgow £605 Aberdeen £653
Bristol £856 Bradford £475
Manchester £696 Dundee £444



Additional expenses

Possible additional expensesApproximate cost per year
Household Items £120
Books & Stationery £250
Warm Clothing £250
Travel Outside Dundee £200
Baggage Expenses £180
TOTAL £440 - £500

Other costs

For other costs, visit: