• Start Date: 20 September 2019
  • Duration: 11 weeks
  • Class Time: Friday 18.00 to 20.00
  • Fee: £150

This module provides an introduction to a number of key texts and workshop exercises, and demonstrates through class teaching how to respond to these – critically and creatively. Weekly seminars will be based on extracts or full texts of novels, short stories, creative (non-fiction) essays, performance and poems. An excellent introductory text is Staying Alive: real poems for unreal times, edited by Neil Astley. This course is open to anyone who has a good reading habit and an openness to reading work which challenges them.

One should only read books which bite and sting one.
If the book we are reading does not wake us up with

a blow to the head, what's the point in reading?
          A book must be the axe which smashes
          the frozen sea within us.

Franz Kafka

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