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  • Discover Nursing at Dundee (Rest of UK) Scholarship


    • Publication date

      February 2018 - There is no application for this Scholarship, as it will be automatically awarded if you meet the eligibility criteria.

    • Fee Status

      Rest of UK

    • Subject

      Nursing and Health Sciences

    • Value


    • Level of Study


    • Mode of Study


    • Start Date

      September 2018

    • Duration

      For duration of your studies

    • Helps With

      Living costs, Tuition Fees

    • Country of domicile

      UK: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales



The Discover Nursing at Dundee Scholarship is available to students who have begun their studies at the University of Dundee. You must:

  1. Matriculate at the University of Dundee for a BSC Nursing Degree in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences
  2. Be classified as RUK fee status by the University of Dundee. You will be notified of your fee status upon application
  3. Be resident in the UK
  4. Have met all the academic conditions attached to your offer of entry

Further Information

The Discover Nursing at Dundee scholarship is available to you if you are an undergraduate student entering your first year of study at the University of Dundee. The value of the scholarship is £2,250 and is available per year of study.

The scholarship will be paid in 2 instalments – at the end of November 2018 and at the end of February 2019 in equal amounts. When you are notified of your eligibility for an award, full details will be given about the process for payment.

You are eligible for the Discover Nursing at Dundee Scholarship or the Academic Excellence Scholarship. If you are awarded Academic Excellence in Year 1 and fail to meet progression criteria to obtain this award in Year 2, then you will still be eligible to receive the Discover Nursing at Dundee scholarship in Year 2.

Please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions‌ for this scholarship.

How to Apply

Once you have submitted your course application and have been made an offer of entry to the University of Dundee, whether conditional or unconditional, we will notify you via email if you are eligible for the award.

The scholarship will be awarded to you after you have matriculated onto your course, and our Student Funding department will be in contact with you.


Contact Us

If you have not yet applied to the University of Dundee and would like further information on the scholarship, then please email contactus@dundee.ac.uk using Discover Nursing at Dundee Scholarship as the subject.

If you have already applied to your programme, you will be notified in your Admissions Letter that you are entitled to receive this scholarship.