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  • Academic Excellence (Rest of UK) Scholarship


    • Fee Status

      Rest of UK

    • Country

      UK: England, Northern Ireland, Wales

    • Subject

      Anatomy / Forensic Anthropology / Forensic and Medical Art, Architecture and Urban Planning, Art and Design, Biological/Biomedical Sciences, Business (Accountancy / Economics / Finance / International Business), Civil Engineering, Community Learning and Development, Computing, Electronic Engineering, English / Creative Writing / Film Studies, European Studies, Geography / Environmental Science, History, Languages, Law, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Nursing and Health Sciences, Philosophy, Physics, Politics and International Relations, Psychology, Social Work

    • Value

      £3,000 per year

    • Level of Study


    • Mode of Study


    • Start Date

      September 2017

    • Duration

    • Helps With

      Living costs



To be eligible you must meet all of the following conditions:

  • have been classified as Rest of UK (RUK) fee status by the University of Dundee
  • matriculate at the University of Dundee for your first undergraduate degree (from any university) which is NOT in the Schools of Medicine or Dentistry. Applicants for the MA (Hons) Education are also not eligible.
  • be resident in the UK
  • have met all the academic conditions attached to your offer of admission for entry to the University of Dundee as a full-time student in September 2017
  • and have obtained one of the awards equivalent to AAB or above at A-Level.

Students with an offer of Advanced Entry into Level 2 or above, and/or entering onto an Integrated Masters (MEng, MSci etc) degree who meet the above conditions will also be eligible for this scholarship.

Students transferring from another UK higher education institution are NOT eligible for the Academic Excellence Scholarship regardless of meeting the above criteria.

The Academic Excellence Scholarship will not be paid for any year you spend studying abroad or working in industry. Payments will continue (subject to satisfactory progression) once you return to Dundee.

Further Information

The University will award scholarships of £3,000 for each year of study for Rest of UK (RUK) fee status students entering the University for the first time in September 2017 who achieve academic excellence in their entry qualifications. Academic excellence is defined as obtaining AAB or above at A-level or in equivalent qualifications. The scholarship is paid for each year of undergraduate degree study based at the University, in which tuition fees are due. (So if tuition fees are only due for three years of a four year Honours degree, you will only receive the scholarship for those three years.) Receipt of the scholarship in subsequent years is subject to satisfactory academic performance.

Therefore, the University will monitor your academic progress and will process further payments based on evidence that you have achieved an average 2:1 grade, without re-sits. Should you have re-sits due to extenuating personal reasons (EPR), you are advised to contact the Student Funding Unit in the first instance.

If your academic progress is deemed to be unsatisfactory, or you no longer meet the eligibility criteria set out above, the University will terminate the Academic Excellence (Rest of UK) Scholarship and you will no longer be eligible for the award in subsequent years.
You do not have to reapply annually for the scholarship.

Terms and Conditions for Rest of UK Scholarships and Bursaries for students starting in academic year 17/18

AAB+ Equivalent Qualifications

Students classified as Rest of UK (RUK) fee status must have obtained one of the following qualifications/grade combinations which are equivalent to AAB or above at A-Level as well as meeting other eligibility criteria. 


Grades required

Explanatory note

Advanced Level (A-level)

Best three grades, either:

A*   A*   A*

A*   A*   A

A*   A*   B

A*   A*   C

A*   A     A

A*   A     B

A*   A     C

A*   B     B


A     A     A

A     A     B

Including Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education


A double-award A-level counts as two single awards at the grade awarded

BTEC National qualification

Best three grades, either:

Distinction*       Distinction*       Distinction*

Distinction*       Distinction*       Distinction

Distinction*       Distinction        Distinction

Distinction        Distinction        Distinction

This applies to sets of qualifications that produce only three grades (for example, an NQF Certificate and a QCF Subsidiary Diploma is eligible, however a NQF Certificate and a QCF Diploma is not eligible):

BTEC (NQF): One Diploma, or one Certificate and one Award, or three Awards;

BTEC (QCF): One Extended Diploma, or one Diploma and one Subsidiary Diploma, or three Subsidiary Diplomas.

BTEC National Diploma in Early Years Education



Distinction        Distinction        Distinction

Inclusive of NQF and QCF versions

Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education (CACHE) Level 3 diploma in Child Care and Education


Grade A



CACHE Level 3 Extended Diploma for the Children and Young People's Workforce


Grade A*

Grade A

QCF version

Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations (OCR) National Extended Diploma


Grade D1

Grade D2/M1



OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical qualification

Best three grades, either:

Distinction*       Distinction*       Distinction*

Distinction*       Distinction*       Distinction

Distinction*       Distinction        Distinction

Distinction        Distinction        Distinction

This requires the achievement of three grades under the suite of qualifications known as Cambridge Technical and must come from one of the following sets:


OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical: One Extended Diploma, or one Diploma and one Introductory Diploma, or three Introductory Diplomas.

National Proficiency Tests Council / City and Guilds Land Based Extended Diploma

Distinction * at Level 3

Distinction at Level 3



Progression Diploma




Advanced Diploma



From the Principal and Generic Learning elements only

International Baccalaureate

35 points (6,6,5 at HL)



Irish Leaving Certificate

Best four grades, either:

A1   A1   A1   A1

A1   A1   A1   A2

A1   A1   A1   B1


H1  H1  H1  H1

H1  H1  H1  H2



How to Apply

How do I apply?

You do not need to complete an application form. If you meet all the eligibility criteria you will be notified in late September 2017 that you will receive the Rest of UK Academic Excellence Scholarship.

How will I be paid?

The scholarship will be paid directly into your bank account in instalments (in November, February and April) during the academic year. Payment will only be made to students who are registered for full-time study.

Am I eligible for other University financial support?

Students may be eligible for a number of RUK awards depending on individual circumstances. The Rest of UK Academic Excellence Scholarship may be held in conjunction with other University awards, such as the Discover Dundee (RUK) Scholarship and the Rest of UK Bursary.