PhD pathway diagram

During the five-week induction you will also attend the first set of Superseminars with potential supervisors from the School of Life Sciences, School of Medicine and School of Science and Engineering who are offering a wide portfolio of rotation projects that are aligned with MRC research objectives and focus on the four QIBIOMED research theme areas.

Choosing your projects

Inspired by the Superseminars and Journal Clubs, and in consultation with the MRC QIBIOMED team, you will choose your three rotation projects, which will begin in November, February and April of your first year. Following each rotation project, and with guidance from your supervisor, you will write up a project report and prepare a presentation for a mini-symposium with your peers. Discussing your work with your student cohort and the QIBIOMED team in this way is stimulating and fun, and provides valuable experience for the future writing and defence of your PhD thesis. After these mini-symposia you will receive verbal feedback during individual meetings with the QIBIOMED management team.